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Viral Message: India got 2nd rank and Modi Competing with Pakistan to be No1 in corrupt Prime minister, 66 years old Narendra Modi is most corrupt Prime Minster in the world.

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Top 10 Most Corrupt Prime Minister in the World 2017
India got 2nd rank and Modi Competing with Pakistan to be No1 in corrupt Prime minister

66 years old Narendra Modi is most corrupt Prime Minister in the world he is current 14th Prime Minister of India he fight against corruption and black money always say no more corruption but he is involved deeply with corruption he took lot of money from Sahara group from his rich businessman friends for the election campaign and never pay back to his friend. He spends his money with different projects and earns lot of money. He is also highest paid prime Minister and his net worth is about 250000 US dollar that is really huge amount.

Viral Message Verification:- Now days it is quite easy to book a domain and launch a website and after owning a writing a website just publish something nonsense. A website foxnewspoint published fake news on the Indian PM. The website has nothing to do with American news channel Fox News.

The website without any claim or published a fake story on Narendra Modi that how he is the most corrupt PM of India. The news has been widely shared by the people who think of defaming the PM.

Till date, there is not a single allegation of corruption on Narendra Modi.

Other similar news was “BBC declares Top 10 Corrupt Political Parties in The World 2017”, which says “Indian National Congress listed as the 4th corrupt political party in the world by BBC.”.

Another article  Congress or BJP – 4th Most corrupt parties in world declared by BBC , which also says “Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaj) is the most corrupt Political Party No:--1the but BJP ranks--4 as per the declaration of BBC”/

All this fake stories are made with the same intention, to get sensation and get some page views, even if the information provided is not correct.

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