Below message has been circulated on social media:

Fake Message 1:

she is blind . if u forwad this picture to the people in your group the, wattsup company has promissed to pay 1 shilling towards her eye treatment. so more u forward she get better treatment.
my name is nitin mandavia.

Fake Message Link 2:

Fake Message 3:

Iranian girl the most beautiful, the most attractive stunning Iranian girl with a face like a doll, cute girl from the Iranian city of Tabriz, Iranian girl beautiful

Our Analysis – The above story tells users to share picture of a beautiful and blind Iranian girl on social media and WhatsApp will be paying for each share for its eye treatment. Such kind of news keep on circulating on internet is 100 % false.  Facebook (has acquired WhatsApp) is a billion dollar company and it does not require help from people to provide free treatment for someone just by sharing mode. WhatsApp never pays for picture sharing. As per the post link mentioned in fake message link 2, the name of the girl is Mohammadi Mahdis. The motive behind spreading such news is highly illogical.

Conclusion: This is a fake message. The girl in the picture is indeed very cute and looks like a doll. But there is no fact which confirms that she is blind. By sharing it WhatsApp will never be paying. If it is genuine issue then Facebook will voluntarily provide free treatment. PLEASE DO NOT SPREAD THIS NEWS FURTHER.

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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