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TN23845234515 Send 15 people get 235 Modi Digital Schema Fake

Australian Cricketer Brett Lee Lana Anderson convert Hinduism

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TN23845234515 please send this message to 15members you will get RS.235.50 in your account .lT'S true check your balance after 3min. my balance 237.50 Narendra modi is giving 12GB and rs.1029 talktime on the occasion of Digital India shceme... share ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Schedule:

14_02_2015_Sri vs Nz 14_02_2015_Eng vs Aus 15_02_2015_Sa vs Zim 15_02_2015_Pak vs Ind 16_02_2015_Wi vs Ire 17_02_2015_Nz vs Q3 18_02_2015_Ban vs Q2 19_02_2015_Zim vs Q4 20_02_2015_Eng vs Nz 21_02_2015_Pak vs Wi 21_02_2015_Aus us Ban 22_02_2015_Sri vs Q2 22_02_2015_Sa vs Ind 23_02_2015_Eng vs Q3 24_02_2015_Wi vs Zim 25_02_2015_Ire vs Q4
26_02_2015_Q2 vs Q3 26_02_2015_Sri vs Ban 27_02_2015_Sa vs Wi 28_02_2015_Ind Q4
28_02_2015_Aus vs Nz 01_03_2015_Eng vs Sri 01_03_2015_Pak vs Zim 03_03_2015_Sa vs Ire 04_03_2015_Pak vs Q4 04_03_2015_Aus vs Q2 05_03_2015_Ban vs Q3 06_03_2015_Ind ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณvs Wi
07_03_2015_Pak vs Sa 07_03_2015_Zim vs Ire 08_03_2015_Nz vs Q2 08_03_2015_Aus vs Sri
09_03_2015_Eng vs Ban 10_03_2015_Ind ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ vs Ire 11_03_2015_Sri vs Q3 12_03_2015_Sa vs Q4
13_03_2015_Ban vs Nz 13_03_2015_Eng vs Q2 14_03_2015_Ind ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ vs Zim 14_03_2015_Aus vs Q3
15_03_2015_Wi vs Q4 15_03_2015_Pak vs Ireย  18_03_2015_1st Quatar Final:19_03_2015_2nd Quatar Final: 20_03_2015_3rd Quatar Final: 21_03_2015_4th Quatar Final: 24_03_2015_1st Semi Final:
26_03_2015_2nd Semi Final: 29_03_2015_BiG Final if you not received 235 rs ec give missed call to 9600540240. It will automatically credit


Ayupp Analysisย โ€“ This is fake news. Any such news was never shared by Narendra Modi as a part of Digital India Scheme. This kind of news has been spreading since Feb 2015 before the start of ICC world Cup 2015.