Here are the famous brand and the message behind the logo.

 Here are the famous brand and the message behind the logo.

  1. Audi

In Audi, you have definitely seen 4 rings. It symbolizes the association in 1932 of 4 previously independent motor-car manufacturers: Audi, DKW, Wanderer, and Horch. These companies initiate the roots of that is today AUDI.

2. Cocacola

The Coca Cola design is a very simple logo, It has the combination of red and white, which expresses youth, optimism, purity, and excellence.  The creator of this drink was Frank Mason Robinson. While Mr. Robinson worked for the Coca-Cola inventor, John Pemberton, as a bookkeeper, he also played a great part in creating and developing the brand.

  1. Pepsi

The Pepsi logo is divided into three-part, with red, white, and blue which represent the American flag, but they also have other meanings. The colors are meant to represent the earth's magnetic field, feng shui, Pythagoras geodynamics, the theory of relativity, and the golden ratio.


4. Formula 1

   In the logo of Formula 1, most of you might get confused about letter  “F” signifies ‘Formula’ and the red-colored design signifies “1″ but to make you surprise it is not the red-colored design, it is, in fact, the white space between the black colored “F” and the red-colored design that signifies “1″. The red color represents passion and energy, while the black color represents power and determination.

  1. Hyundai

Hyundai is a South Korean company. The word Hyundai means ‘hanja’ as it is a South Korean company. The word depicts modernity, and so the brand sends a message of innovation with every automobile. If one sees the logo very closely where we read H, In reality, the H like alphabet is a symbol where two individuals are shaking hands. One individual represents the company, and another one is the customer. Thus, their handshake represents the trust between them.

  1. Tostitos

Tostitos is one of the best logos which shared the hidden message of all time. The two lowercase t's in the logo represent people holding a chip, and the dot on top of the letter i serve as their bowl of salsa.


Pinterest is used just like other social media to add your brand. The words “pin” and “interest,” since it allows users to pin things they’re interested in to aboard. The Pinterest logo HAS A LETTER ‘P’ HIDDEN IN IT. It's also used in the phrase “pin it,” which is used to draw attention to media that can be pinned to a Pinterest board.

 8. Adidas

The Adidas logo is very motivating, it appears to be like a mountain to signify keep on moving by overcoming all the to signify the hurdles that people should overcome and the goals that can be achieved. Initially, the logo was just three stripes and didn’t signify anything. So the three stripes were modified and made them look slanted to resemble a mountain. Adidas got its name from the name of the founder. Adolf 'Adi' + Dassler 'das' = Adidas. Very soon it becomes three stripes become a trademark for the Adidas.

9. Amazon

The Amazon logo signifies A to Z means the arrow which starts from A and goes till Z tells that it sells everything from A to Z and the smile represents that customers would experience by shopping on the Web site.

10. WhatsApp

 Jan Koum and Brian Acton  Founders of WhatsApp designed the WhatsApp logo green. A text bubble with the tail on the right, which symbolizes an incoming message.
The second symbol, the telephone receiver, is as transparent as the first one. It shows that the app is also used to make voice and video calls.


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