Additional 200 trains will run before the festive season

New Delhi. The trains were hit due to corona infection from the month of March, but now their speed has started once again. Many special trains have started in the last months. At the same time, the condition is that due to the coming festivals (Dussehra, Deepawali, and Chhath), waiting has started in trains. Waiting has become located in almost all special trains going to Uttar Pradesh and South India.

Indian Railways has started preparations to run one hundred pairs of additional trains before the upcoming festival season begins. But despite all these exercises, due to the Corona crisis, the Indian Railways is not able to restore itself fully to the train services. The operation of entire trains is unlikely to be normal by the end of this year. All the 13,500 trains are expected to run on the tracks in the new year 2021 itself. Not only this, there is no complete exemption for trains passing through the states where the corona outbreak is increasing.

On normal days more than thirteen thousand trains run on railway tracks. At present, only 456 special trains are being operated. Before the start of the festive season i.e. during Navratri, 100 pairs and special trains are ready to run

Reduced number of passengers in trains 

At present, the number of passengers on many trains is continuously decreasing. It is clear that people are traveling only when necessary. Therefore, there are no plans to operate all trains on the track right now. Vinod Kumar Yadav said that the Railways is preparing to implement a zero-based timetable. Trains will run on demand-based routes. The route on which more trains are running than the number of passengers can be diverted to run on another route. It is being started experimentally during the Corona period.

Change system

Railway Board Chairman Vinod Kumar Yadav informed that this system will be fully implemented in the coming days. The Parliamentary Committee of the Ministry has also given it green signal. There is no justification for running trains without passengers on lossy routes under political pressures. Whichever route will have a waiting time of 10 to 15 days, there will be additional duplicate or clone trains which will reach their destination faster than the original train. Artificial intelligence will be used in this new system. 

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