AR Rahmans daughter Khatija gets engaged to Riyasdin Sheikh Mohammed

Mumbai, 03 Jan. Famous musician AR Rahman's daughter Khatija has given very good news to her and her father's fans on the new year. Actually, Khatija got engaged, he got engaged with Riyasdin Sheikh Mohammed on his birthday i.e. 29th December. While sharing his and fiance's college on Instra, he has informed about his engagement, while Rahman has also shared his Noore-Nazar post on his Instagram.

Khatija is only 23 years old

People are congratulating Rahman and his daughter openly. Let us tell you that Khatija is only 23 years old, in the photo she has shared, she is seen in a pink outfit, while Riyasdin Sheikh Mohammed is in the black and white picture. In the photo, Khatija has also put on a mask matching her dress itself.


'Riyasdin got engaged to Sheikh Mohammed' Sharing her photo, Khatija has also written a very beautiful caption that 'I have got engaged to entrepreneur and audio engineer Riyasdin Sheikh Mohammed by the grace of the above, which I am very happy to announce, this engagement on 29th December. It happened on my birthday, in which family and close people were involved.

Khatija is also a good singer...

As soon as Khatija shared this news, people were curious to know who is the son-in-law of AR Rahman, who won from Oscar to Grammy Award?

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live sound engineer So let us tell you that Riyasdin Sheikh Mohammed is a live sound engineer who accompanies the team of musicians in live concerts, he has been a part of many live concerts of Rahman, while Khatija is also a good singer and an important part of his father's music team. been apart. He has also sung a song in the famous film 'Mimi'.

AR Rahman was a Hindu by birth

By the way, let us tell you that AR Rahman, who illuminated the name of India all over the world with his music, was a Hindu by birth. Today's Allah Rakha Rahman was known as 'AS Dilip Kumar' in his childhood. His father was a music composer, Rahman has been singing songs since the age of only 6 but at the age of 9, his father lost his head and after that Rahman and his family had to face a lot of financial troubles.

Adopted Islam at the age of 23

At the age of 23, such an incident happened with Rahman, which changed him completely; in fact, Rahman's sister's health had suddenly deteriorated at that time. Even after a lot of treatment, she was not getting well, so Rahman went to the religious guru Qadri for advice, where the religious teacher told her a lot and calmed her mind. His sister got well. This had such an impact on Rahman that he and his entire family again converted to Islam and Rahman became 'Allah Rakha Rahman' from AS Dilip Kumar.

Rahman and Saira have three children...

AR Rahman has told this truth in his biography 'Notes of a Dream: The Authorized Biography of AR Rahman'. Rahman is married to Saira Banu. Rehman and Saira have three children from this marriage. Two daughters Khatija and Rahima. Have a son Amin. The special thing is that the date of birth of Rahman and Amin is the same on 6th January.

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