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Now it's time to meet an intense, aggressive and near violent Alia Bhatt in the movie's newly released song. A well intensive video of heart break

Watch 'Just go to hell dil' here:

Alia's character is seen having various interactions of the romantic kind with Kunaal Kapoor, and yet as the song plays out, she is shown pacing around her home, get angry, vulnerable, upset and frustrated. This song addresses the feeling of things not working out your way, especially matters of the heart.

Alia’s character can be shown as a growing character as a evolved actor.

More than the song, Alia's portrayal of what heartbreak feels like is excruciatingly accurate. She goes through a mix of emotions, and once that's done she's seen exercising, mingling with people and then finally meeting Shah Rukh Khan in order to make some headway.

Through the song, we see how Alia deals with the process of letting things go.

The song itself is rather average and forgettable, there were a fresher voice involved. While there is no doubt Sunidhi is a stellar singer, Alia deserves a more intense, a more unique voice.

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