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Many Indian Muslims, including so-called liberal-left journalists, have been openly abusing and reprimanding the award-winning actor since veteran Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah criticized Indian Muslims for celebrating the Taliban victory in Afghanistan. Has come down on social media. Naseeruddin Shah released a video asking Indian Muslims to follow peace and non-violence and not to support the radical Bahashi Islamic group.

On Wednesday, Naseeruddin Shah released a video condemning a section of Indian Muslims for celebrating Taliban occupation in Afghanistan. The veteran actor termed a section of Indian Muslims celebrating the return of Taliban to power in Afghanistan as extremely dangerous.

Naseeruddin Shah said in the video, "Although the re-assumption of Taliban in Afghanistan is a matter of concern for the world, no less dangerous is the celebration of the return of those Bahshis by some sections of Indian Muslims. Celebrate."

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His video had emerged as a reaction to a section of Indian Muslims praising the radical Islamist organization Taliban for taking over Afghanistan by gun. Those who did so included prominent Muslim clerics, radical Muslims as well as a section of the Liberal gang who congratulated the Taliban for the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan, saying the Taliban's victory in the war-torn country was a moment of celebration for the entire Islamic community. . .

In the video, Shah also said, "Today every Indian Muslim should ask himself the question whether he wants Islam reformed and jiddat-pasari (modern Islam) in his religion or the iqdar (values) of Bahshipan of previous centuries."

He quoted Mirza Ghalib to conclude, “I am a Hindustani Muslim, and as Mirza Ghalib said a long time ago, my relationship with Allah Miyan is very fanciful. I don't need any political religion."

Naseeruddin Shah has further pointed out the difference between 'Hindustani Islam' and the Islam practised elsewhere. At the end of the video, he said, "May God not bring a time when Islam in India changes so fast that it cannot be recognized."

The video of Naseeruddin Shah advising Indian Muslims to stay away from radical Islamic organizations like the Taliban has created an outrage among the Muslim community. Many educated Muslims have also objected to the veteran actor's video and asked him to stay away from commenting on Islam.

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