Singhu Border Murder: Lakhbir Singh had 37 injury marks on his body

Singhu Border Murder: Narayan Singh, the second accused in the murder of Dalit youth Lakhbir Singh, was arrested from Amritsar in Punjab in the ongoing 'Kisan Andolan' on Delhi's Singhu border. Lakhbir Singh was hanged with his throat slit and his right hand was also hanged. Baba Narayan Singh was arrested by Jandiala Guru. He has confessed to involvement in the murder of Lakhbir Singh.

We have seen a normal gathering of leaders when a Dalit person dies in a country like India, however, It is to inform the users, till now no political party has come to the house of Dalit Lakhbir Singh.

But, before his arrest, he was also respected among the Sikh community in Amritsar. Baba Narayan Singh, who is going to surrender at Sri Akal Takht Sahib, is a member of Tarna Dal Nihang Jathebandi. Coil Sonepat district police station has been informed that access to it is. A garland of notes was also garlanded to honour him at a prominent Sikh shrine in Amritsar.

The Lakhbir Singh's post-mortem report also showed that 37 marks scarred the different weapons on their bodies were found. Apart from sticks and sticks, he was attacked many times with many sharp weapons. He died due to excessive bleeding. Police have been deployed to conduct the last rites of Lakhbir Singh peacefully in his village. The 'United Kisan Morcha' is running away from this incident.

Equating Singhu border murder case to Nirbhaya gruesome murder 

The accused Narayan Singh was honoured at the camp of Nihangs. The victim's family has demanded a high-level inquiry into the matter. The family of agricultural labourers says that God-fearing Lakhbir Singh cannot even think about the sacrilege of the religious text. Cheema lives in Kalan village with his wife 12, 11 and 8-year-old daughters. By working in the fields and the market, he used to jugaad two times' bread.

Rakesh Tikait said on mob lynching earlier; it is just a reaction to action, what he says now? 

India Today has claimed in its latest report that the United Kisan Morcha allegedly complained to the Haryana and Delhi Police on several occasions about the presence of this 'armed group' at the protest site. Seeking to strike a balance, the SKM in a statement also said that the Morcha is against sacrilege of any religious text or symbol.

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सिंघु बॉर्डर हत्या: लखबीर सिंह के शरीर पर चोट के 37 निशान, धारदार हथियारों से हुआ वार

सिंघू बॉर्डर लिंचिंग के पीड़ित के परिवार ने उच्चस्तरीय जांच की मांग की

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