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Where is the scary part ask’s the movie goers after watching the self promoted scariest movie, Raaz Reboot. The promos of this film made tall claims that its release date would be the world’s scariest day. But after watching this movie it is like having laughter, instead of getting scared.

The story of the Raaz Reboot series continues this time in the backdrop of Romania. Shania (Kirti Kharbanda) and Rehan (Gaurav Arora) are in a huge house in Romania as Rehan has taken up a job in a company there. A few days in this mansion-like house and Shania starts seeing strange things. Rehan refuses to be taken in by stories and goes about nonchalantly and rather stiffly, even when she’s going batshit crazy in his vicinity.

Nothing seems to affect the poor debut actor’s expressions. Or for that matter, none of the other actors display too many expressions either, except Emraan. Hashmi plays Shania’s ex, Aditya, who comes to her rescue. 

What comes next are badly edited scenes, poor production quality, frozen performances and unbelievable flippancy in screenplay. Even the desperate attempt to sizzle up the sex scenes between Emraan and Kirti fall totally flat. 

With a blind man ‘miraculously’ reading mantras out of a book because the writers seem to have forgotten that he was not supposed to see, a ghost that loves to swear, make-up and get-ups, a perennially dazed looking lead pair, and a painfully regressive idea that a mangalsutra is the antidote for ghosts and spirits, this movie is hilarious.

If you have expected the same movie with the same flavour like the earliar releases of RAAZ , you will surely be disappointed.

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