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New Delhi: Salman Khan the darling of the Indian box office at least for around a decade. His all recent and movies over a decade have at least has given us this idea. However it looks like the latest release Tubelight by Kabir Khan is going to be a big setback for this charming and fantastic actor.  For his fans he is known as bhai Jaan, but this time Bhai Jan Khan's fans did not give Salman his Idi, which he is often seen asking. According to the box office and media reports, Tube light has flopped, but in the Salman Khan camps, it is still discussed that his film tube light is a hit and there are only a few people who are spreading it as a another hit of Salman Khan. Though the movie has crossed the 100 crore mark, let us analyze why the movie is a flop.

Question no. 1: How to determine whether Salman's tube light is hit or flop because the film has crossed the 100 crores figure, why is it considered to be a flop?


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Answer: For Salman Khan, TubeLight is a bargain for profit because he had sold the film to the distributors, then the loss was not for him, but for the distributors, if it is said the film is made for about 80 crores, made and sold only in India for 180 crores, then he got profit from India 100 crores but the distributor who bought the film for 180 crores have not made any money but has to wait for some time before he recovers his money. Then the distributor will only get his money out, profit is still very far away. In such a case, the tube light loss is being made for distributors, because Salman's earliar movies reached 200 million in 5 days, but this time it could not happen as the movie could not get a better opening.

Question No. 2: Who is the distributor and where does he sell the movie?

Answer: If explained in simple language, then understand that a person makes the product and then sells it at the wholesale rate, then the person who bought the movie at wholesale rate, he further sells it to the retailer or the shop keeper. In the same way a distributor buys a film from a producer and then he sells it to the exhibitor or the cinema owner, after than it depends upon the public that how much profit he makes for the movie and associated persons.

Question number 3: Some losses of distributors, what will Salman pay back?

Answer: There is no rule as such where a actor may need to cut share the loss with the distributors. But it has been seen in earlier times, whether Raj Kapoor, B R Chopra or Subhash Ghai, if their film was flop, then on the moral grounds. They would also be selling their next movie to the distributors at lower rates. So now what Salman Khan will do, it will be difficult to say right now.

Question 4: Does it impact a business to a movie even after having a big star?

Answer: Being a big and successful star increases the value for selling a movie. The Distributors of a movie know that having a big star in movie will at least help in recovering the money. At least what they have invested is going to come back. This is impossible in case of small actors. Many a times producers or distributors are not able to recover the manufactured cost involved in the movie making. So having a big star helps in recovering the base amount.

Question 6: If the tube light is such a poor movie then how did it reach 100 million?

Answer: This is the advantage of stardom, the small movie do not get this advantage, if four people have said that the movie is a flop, then the rest other people will not even go to see the movie, but with Salman or any other big star, many people have this thought to watch the movie even if it is not good. They also want to see how bad the movie is. Tube light also got the benefit of stardom. Otherwise, how many stars, whose film reaches 100 million, are still called hits. But Salman Khan, whose movie is being considered a flop after reaching 100 Crore even.

 Reaching 100 crore doesn’t means it is a hit, only because of the reason that you are a star.

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