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After successfully launching the first teaser of sultan, the makers have launched the second teaser which is all about aarfa alias Anuska Sharma. The second teaser has been introduced on the actress birthday.


She can be seen showing her fierce image in the second teaser. She can be seen fighting with man wrestlers alongwith moving to different participation events.


The impact of the teaser comes from the vocal voice of Salman khan.

Sultan (Salman Khan) says

Iss desh ki jaan na, iss desh ki ladies hain, jitni komal ye laage hai, us se jada taakat inki baajuyon mein hai (The country’s power is in the ladis, they might seem delicate, but have a lot of power in their arms).”


Those who have still have not seen the trailer don’t miss it.


Watch prediction: Must watch trailer :)



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