Why now a attempt to divide the Hindus and Sikhs at Lakhimpur Kheri

After attempts over decades to divide the Dalit and HIndius, now an attempt has been made to divide the Hindus and Sikhs. As claimed by Pilibhit MP Varun Gandhi.

The Violence in Lakhimpur Kheri claimed 8 lives. After this violence, the matter gained political momentum. The leaders of each party were trying to reach Lakhimpur. Now it is being said that after this incident, efforts are going on to do Hindu vs Sikh here. In such a situation, Varun Gandhi has said that this lie is being spread. In this matter, MP Varun Gandhi has also expressed concern by tweeting.

Varun Gandhi, MP from Pilibhit, was constantly targeting the BJP government on the issue of farmers. After the Lakhimpur incident, he became a fierce attacker on the BJP. The BJP expelled him and his mother Maneka Gandhi from the BJP's national executive.

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Varun Gandhi tweeted

Now Varun Gandhi has expressed concern by tweeting about the incident. “An attempt to turn #LakhimpurKheri into a Hindu vs Sikh battle is being made. Not only is this an immoral & false narrative, but it is also dangerous to create these fault-lines & reopen wounds that have taken a generation to heal. We must not put petty political gains above national unity”.

On Oct 7, Varun Gandhi tweeted the tamping of the SUV over the farmers, he wrote on Twitter, “
The video is crystal clear. Protestors cannot be silenced through murder. There has to be accountability for the innocent blood of farmers that has been spilled and justice must be delivered before a message of arrogance and cruelty enters the minds of every farmer “

Some media reports claimed Hindu vs Sikh, In fact, there were reports in some media regarding this whole matter that an attempt is being made to do elite class vs Sikh in Lakhimpur Kheri. Leaders of different parties came and met the families of the Sikhs. He also gave them sympathy. At the same time, it was being highlighted that the elite class community of the Sikh is angry about this.

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