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World Cup 2019: A special moment from a match between England and Bangladesh, when these two teams were playing in the last World Cup, where Bangladesh defeated England. England went out of the World Cup in the same match.

This time in 2019, it was not so and England defeated Bangladesh with a huge difference of 106 runs. Jason Roy scored superb 152 runs. In 121 balls. But it was a fun thing to do during the Bangladesh batting. Jofra Archer had bowled his first over. They did not even score a single run in that over. On the second ball of the neck, he bowled at Soumya Sarkar. The length ball that was thrown too fast went off destroying the off stump. The ball was just above the stumps. After getting into the wickets, the ball crossed the boundaries flying over the head of the wicketkeeper.

This has never happened before in the history of cricket. So definitely no runs for that, but out for the Bangladeshi batsman.


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