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Rules to be an Olympic athlete

Choosing a carrier in athletics means, you are also choosing athletes play sports for a living. Professional team sports include football, basketball, baseball and hockey. Professional individual sports include tennis, golf and boxing.

Rules to be a professional athlete.

Rule1: Health

Proper care of your body is important. Maintain a healthy eating habit, properly and getting enough rest. Good nutrition and proper rest will help to keep your body healthy and functioning at its best. Nutrition and rest also play a key role in keeping your mind sharp. Avoiding tobacco and alcohol will also help keep your body in top notch condition. Other important this you should have or develop are

  • As a athlete you should have good eyesight
  • Must have good reflexes and coordination.
  • Should perform well under pressure.
  • Should be competitive.
  • Should be disciplined.
  • Should be prepared to travel a lot and/or relocate.

Rule2: Training

  • Start playing sports early in life.
  • Train rigorously.
  • Keep your body in excellent condition.
  • Earn good grades in school, so you're allowed to play on your school's team.
  • Join teams and clubs dedicated to your sport.
  • Try out for competitions and tournaments in your sport.
  • Apply for scholarships for outstanding athletes in your sport.

Rule3: Remember it is different than other sports

Your career path as a professional athlete will depend on your sport.

  • If you're drafted in baseball, you'll have to continue trying to qualify through a system of farm teams that the major league teams own.
  • If you're drafted in football, you'll go straight to a pro team.

Before becoming a professional athlete, remember:

  • As a pro athlete, your job follows you everywhere. Being a pro athlete is like being a famous actor or singer.
  • As a pro athlete, you may have curfews or other restrictions to abide by.

Rule4: Learn and Study

You should know of your sport to understand all the strategies and rules of your game. Watch videos of your performances and other players who are exceptional in this game. Look for your weak areas so you can work on improving. Being a professional is not only physical, but mental as well.