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Check the cameras to see I am not lying: Claims OP Jaisha

India, New Delhi, August 23: Check the cameras to see I am not lying: Claims OP Jaisha
Latest update of OP Jaisha, the Indian Olympic runner, Today Marathon runner OP Jaisha has responded to the statement released by the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) denying all allegations levelled at them by the athlete. OP Jaisha says that the cameras installed at the Games can prove that she wasn't lying about the officials not providing energy drinks during the marathon and that there needs to be an inquiry into the matter.
Earliar on Monday, OP Jaisha claimed, the Indian officials did not bother to arrange water for the runners at the Rio Olympics.

Hoever another athelete Kavita Raut, on Tuesday said that the Athletics Federation of Indian (AFI) had provided her with an option of having energy drinks during the race and hence, she has no complaints against the apex body.

Running that distance, in that heat, you need so much water. There is a common water point after 8 km, but you need water after each kilometer. Other athletes were getting food along the way but I got nothing," added the 33-year-old Kerala-born athlete, who currently holds the national record in marathon.


According to rules, India could have assigned four officials at four points in addition to the official stations to provide water and refreshments but Jaisha had to rely on the latter which was placed about 8 km apart.


The AFI, however, had countered Jaisha's charges about official apathy and callousness in the prestigious quadrennial games, saying the athlete and her coach themselves refused to avail the option of having personalized drinks during the race.


The AFI further insisted that Jaisha and Raut had said that they would use the drinks available at the water booth and refreshment booth provided by the organizers in case they needed.


OP Jaisha was a hope for the medal for India but failed to reach her own previous record. India’s national record holder in marathon OP Jaisha’s Rio timing was 2 hours 47 minutes whereas her timing for the World Championships in Beijing last year was 2 hours 34 minutes.