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Rules to buy sports shoes for kids

It is often suggested to buy the best shoes for sports which perfectly fit into your legs. Especially if you are buying the a shoes for your kids it is important to buy the right shoes with correct fitting as this will help in the game improvement and maintain the body fitness.

Our suggestion from bookofrules which can help you in getting your perfect shoes

Rule1:   Measurement: It is important to have proper measurement of the feet, how can you do that

Using a tape measure, measure the feet length standing on your feet as this will press your feet and you can get the correct measurement. You can ask the salesman take the measurement of the feet.

Rule 2: Variable length: often, both of the legs are not of the same length. So better measure both of the legs feet. Many shoe manufacturer, take care of this things and they produce shoes of different length.

Rule 3: Socks are mandatory: many young people do not like wearing socks while playing games. But socs do help in provide more comfort to the feet while playing and jumping around the field.

Rule 4: shoes trial: It is important to get the trial of the shoes before you purchase, especially for the kids.    

Rule 5: toes movement: Make sure there is enough space inside the shoes so that you can easily move your toes inside.