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Is Apple is a useless company... 170 Billion Dollar company and has minimal contribution towards Corporate Social Responsibility. Amount they contribute is pathetically low. Enlighten me if im wrong here.
Apple is just looting everyone and earning, they can clearly afford to sell their fragile shiny devices at lesser cost, how more do you want to earn ? Google is $70 B company with 20 times better record in CSR, Microsoft is $77 B company with amazing CSR record thru bill and melinda gates foundation.

Madness of buying devices from such an irresponsible and cheat company has to stop!

I am true believer of the statement: "With the great power comes the great responsibility and if you can not fulfill the responsibility then you don't deserve the power" .. Period. These status message is of a facebook user. There were many review given by users... some of them were as follows: Author: dsnt make any sense.... Every company has a responsibility towards a society .. fulfilling it or no is their choice .. but I cant digest the fact that 170 billion dollar giant can be so insensitive.. and whats about highly overpriced products and after services.. how much greedy are they? How much more money do you want?? User 1: It is the consumer's fault to a great extent...it is the willingness of these consumers to purchase overpriced apple products that has helped apple to grow so big. User2: Above all, its their business and they have all the right to run it the way they want. Agreed that i devices are expensive, but its worth the quality that they are providing. Another way (if you don't like the previous one) to look at it is, its their marketing strategy and its working out for them. More importantly, no apple employee has made any one to buy apple product at gun point. By the logic that you are providing, Tata NANO should have been the most sought after car in the market. Market demand, human emotions, desires and the urge to stand out has much more complex dynamics at play than what you are trying to say. Author: i dont care whats working out for them or if they are providing best quality or anything, I am only saying they can do much better and they are selectively ignoring their responsibilities just for earning more bucks...
I have no respect for machine minded people like jobs.. when you reach such a high position people start looking at you with hopes.. Besides its my opinion .. as u said .. i will say im not putting you at gunpoint to accept what i am saying.. u may as well go and buy ,, but for me its not working!!
User3: Warning: Long rant ahead. Proceed with caution

First thing first..overpriced products...well yeah they are...but much better than plastic toys from Koreans in terms of quality...it offers much better support to its devices in terms of OS updates...lets take flagship model of 2011 from Samsung, Galaxy S2 which released in April 2011 have got OS update till 4.1 Jellybean, OS which released in mid 2012...that's support of roughly 15 months...OTOH take iPhone 4, device released in September 2010 with iOS 4.0, gets update till iOS 7, released in September 2013...that's 36 months of update support...what more one can expect for his/her money...Take even Google who has policy of updates for only 18 months...Even Microsft has 36 months policy for update life cycle...

Second point Optimization of resources
Again take same 2 devices...S2 with 1GHz Dual Core Proccy and 1 Gig of RAM as opposed to iPhone 4 with 800MHz Single core Proccy and 512 MB RAM...experience is still much better and smooth on iDevice....Quad Core processors and 3 GB RAM in cellphones...are you serious ?...do you really need that huge resources to run just a smartphone? really?...heck my MacBook has 2 Gigs of RAM and does its job swiftly

Next point about CSR
I would start with 'There is no free lunch in world'....companies doing CSR are not 'dudh ki dhuli hui'...its definitely part of their strategy, IMHO...up to what extent that depends...its much better to appear what you actually are instead of appearing different than what actually you are.

At the end purchasing a device should depend on needs of an individual in medium term time frame instead of whats currently available in market.
User4: Watch the video. It tells us how the new iPhone 5S costs apple 194$ and how it earns a stupendous amount of profit by selling it at 649$.
Author: User3, your entire paragraph will not make any sense since my point is different, single mention of iOS update doesn't justify the overpricing .. see what User 4 has posted (194$ selling it at 649$) why the hell they want so much of money .. are they building i-Island or what ?
btw your dear iPhone 5S has 70% more carbon footprints than previous version. Samusung is far more carbon efficient than iPhone both in maunfacturing and mobile operations.. OLED or organic light emitting diode are thought to prevent almost 260 metric tons of carbon emission in coming years ...
those korean or chinese whom you are talking about are rather manufacturing your iphones(also iPhone makes use of samsung (korean) chips in its phones for them being superfast), don't get into technicalities.. a night will be short for those discussions
Apple had been sued plenty of times for sweatshop labor, environmental destruction, and unethical business practices ... buyers simply do not think of company's background and just go with external shiny appearances .. (Mentality of buyers is "Lets buy what others are buying") ... Which is really sad..
Apple had been highly unethical and gruesome with labor conditions in manufacturing plants in China they had never audited until told under lawsuit
Talk about malpractices: Apple was a pioneer of an accounting technique, "Double Irish With a Dutch Sandwich", which reduces taxes by routing profits through Irish subsidiaries and the Netherlands and then to the Caribbean.

Its a cheap company with no values under its clothes, its looting people and people are still buying it blindly.
User3: Author, First para is my view for their pricing...its mention my agreement on overpricing before any justification on pricing

In environmental view, why just blame Apple ?...why not have look on Shell, BP, Exxon, Gazprom, Rosneft who are messing up entire arctic. http://www.savethearctic.org/
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