Tech News: Have you ever wondered if the laptop can be of 4GB RAM then what is the purpose of the phone? Many people believe that if RAM is more or megapixels is more then you have a better phone, but is this really true?

Do not judge a Smartphone on the basis of ram and megapixel

8MB, 224MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, 6GB and now 8GB with the OnePlus 5... These are all RAM sizes. In the last 20 years, the phone and its components and features have changed everything. Also the megapixels, Earlier we were happy with the 1.2 megapixel Nokia camera, but now 30 megapixels are still low. Have you ever wondered if the laptop goes in 4GB RAM then what is the purpose of the phone? Many people believe that if RAM is more or megapixels is more then you have a better phone, but is this really true? Let's see how

If there is too much RAM, the phone should have better processor

Now there is also a misconception. Even if there is more RAM, then the phone should have a better processor. Talk about the iPhone itself. The iPhone used to have 1GB RAM two years ago, yet many Android smartphones were behind it. Now if you talk about a smartphone with 4GB of RAM, then it also hangs. If your smartphone has a lot of RAM and the processor is weak, then you will not be able to use even more RAM.

More megapixel means better camera

I have a 21 megapixel phone, but I do not know why the photo is not coming right, maybe there is a mess in the setting. You might have heard of it too. This is a common myth believed by Smartphone users, which is not true. More megapixels mean larger photo size. Photo quality actually comes better because of the camera sensor. That is why 21 megapixels of Android phone also lags behind 8 megapixels of the iPhone.

The phone will not hang from a powerful processor

If your phone has an octa-core processor and you are thinking that the phone never hang, then you need to change your mind. If the phone with 2GB RAM has an octa-core processor, then it can also hang in playing high memory games. It's no big deal that your new phone is still hanging. The power of the phone is not double after the processor doubles the power. The software is equally responsible for the phone's work.

More features mean good phones

Did any of your friends have said this to you? The phone of a person is a 2.5Ghz processor, there is such a megapixel camera, such a screen, there are so many features in the phone and so much more. Many phones come in the market every year. Many of these on paper features are quite good, but it is not necessary that the handset is also good. The direct example is Galaxy Note 7. Before taking a phone, keep in mind that what you need, camera, screen, power or games, buy the phone accordingly.

So now when you have to take a new phone, look at the features and compare. If there is no good processor then there is no use for getting more RAM for you. Most smartphones have Snapdragon processors. If the range is up to 400 such as snapdragon 420,435 etc. then you have enough 2-3GB RAM. If there is a range of 600 like Snapdragon 625,630, you can take up to 4GB of RAM. If it is above then you can enjoy up to 4GB and 6GB and 8GB smartphones.

It is true that smartphones with more features look good, but many times your complexity is ruined by taking a very complex Smartphone. If you are not using 70% of the features of the phone, then in my opinion, it is your loss. Think and compare before you buy asmartphone.

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