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Eight Rules to buy used electronics items for home

Eight Rules to buy used electronics items for home

Now days there are many online sites where we can easily buy and sale used products.

We often buy cars, furniture and other items, however buying electronic item can be really tough as no one can guarantee the quality of the electronic product. Still if you are really focused in buying the used electronic products we in books of rule can really be helpful.

Rule1: Know about the product

There are some products which last long even after several years of usage; however some products cannot be used after certain time. Say for example rechargeable battery, they can be charged for a certain number of times only. After that they may not be chargeable.  Mechanical Products parts are also more prone to wearing out.

If the product is having software check that this if it is still supported by the manufacturer. This may or may not matter depending on the device. For instance a device like a Smartphone that depends on apps will be more likely to become extinct.

 In addition, there are versions of particular products that may have a known fault with them.

  • You can check for the online reviews. You can check with the owner with right questions to see if the product has any of these problems. For example, some devices may have several complaints about the lid/handle coming off, or maybe the item overheats when it sits idle for a few minutes. Look closely at the used device in person, if possible, to see if these defects are present.
  • When reviewing, some question like,
    • What does the device come with if I buy it new?
    • Based on the above the price can be negotiated.
    • Had it ever gone to the customer care etc?

Rule2: look for refurbished items:

Refurbished item is less than new, but re-manufactured to the original specifications so that it provides as long a useful product life as a brand new product. In good refurbishing programs, the manufacturer’s technicians make sure that the product is in grade-A condition before it goes back onto the retail market. However it is tough to find this type of refurbished products as big companies mostly do not do this.

Rule3: Repair details:

Ask questions like who had corrected the device when it was not working. Basically the intention is to have the knowledge that if the device was fixed in the original customer care center. Many a times people in order to save money, do the maintenance of the device in some local shop. In such cases the product and the equipment used after the service can’t be guaranteed. Even the correct working of the device can’t be guaranteed as the technician might not be that expert.

Rule4: Product warranty:

Look for product that has a decent product warranty. There are many a products in the market where even the manufacturer do not give a decent warranty of the product once sold.

Rule5: Return and exchange policy:

Most good places will not even ask questions if you return a product within a month or so.

Rule6: Test the product:

At least test the product for some time, by playing around the product. So that you can see if some faults in the product. I remember a friend of mine sold his nokia mobile which used to reboot after 30 min of usage. The person who bought it never bothered to check all this. For him only thing was he wanted a new nokia red color mobile. Later he called multiple times to my friend to return, but it was late.

Rule7: Bugs:

If you are buying any software products make sure it does not contain bug. Also make sure it is not a pirated copy being sold to you.

Rule8: Scams

Make sure people are not doing some scam and selling you the product. Many a time’s people ask you certain cents/dollars/Rupees before the purchase as guarantee. You may not see the products later.

Make sure you ask the person to show you the product in person before you purchase. Ask him if you can test the product before usage.