Flipkart Cheating by selling Samsung Galaxy Note 4 @ 61500

Price of Note 4 on Filpkart

Flipkart – If you search for Samsung Galaxy note 4 on Flipkart, then it displays the price tag of Rs 61,500. Its highly surprising price. When you search its higher model, ie, Note 5, then its price tag is 39,000 Rs. Is it some software flaw from flipkart or they are intentionally doing this fool people and earn extra money?

I tried to compare the top models of Samsung and tried to understand this flaw:

If you look carefully at the comparisions, then you can easily judge that note4 is less powerful when compared to Note 5 and Note Edge. I am not able to understand why is this price being set by Flipkart. One abvious reason is to earn extra money by cheating people. If not, please post your comments on the same. 

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