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If you hate Smartphone’s better go for Light Phone

How often we would like to be just to be in connect with our loved ones especially when we are away from our homes. Being away from Smartphone but still in connection. It means away from smart phones and all the messages, apps camera and lots. It's hard right, to imagine a single day without our Smartphone’s. For those who feel tired of their Smartphone’s intrusion in their personal space, there are few technology startup companies that have come up with products that make sure you are not troubled by your Smartphone but still enjoy a connected experience.

Light Phone, one of such initiative, was launched earlier this year with a promise to start shipping its 'anti-smartphone' in May. However, the company has apparently run into "few limitations" that have caused delays - and now shipments will begin out of its Yantai, China factory from November 30.

Light Phone’s goal was to be the opposite of a Smartphone. Including a 2G SIM card and the ability to take and make calls only, the phone aimed to have three weeks worth of battery life on a single charge.

Considered as slim as credit card sized phone, that works with your existing phone, simple contact without unwanted ring, dings and pings

"We are still in beta. We've run into a few limitations in our initial user experience goals due to some iOS restrictions. They are not going to effect the experience of being light, but will make turning on call forwarding a little bit more manual. We are experimenting with the various options with our beta users. We will be shipping the phones regardless as to not delay any longer and will continue to provide frequent software updates to early adopters,"

The first large batch of Light Phones (white) will be shipping out of factory in Yantai, China on November 30th. It will be arriving to all our earliest supporters in December! We will continue to rollout batches of phones over the following weeks. The night (black) colorway of the phone will be shipping out of our factory the first or second week of January, we are in the process finalizing the exact date, wrote the company on its website.

Light Phone was launched at $100 (roughly Rs. 7,000) with the aim to be the opposite of a Smartphone, and it forwards calls from your primary Smartphone with the help of an app. The company at launch claimed that the Light Phone was designed to be used as little as possible. Light Phone can offer a battery life of up to three weeks with a single charge and it doesn't support Internet. The phone features a 2G Nano-SIM and allows calls. It sports a touch module, microphone, and Micro-USB port. The phone has no camera as well.

Source: http://www.thelightphone.com