Technology: From 2 GB of data in a year to 2 GB of network data in a day, truly Reliance JIO has changed our world of using the internet and viewing the video over the Internet. I think it is a time when all Indian’s must once say thank you to reliance JIO internet. If you have used JIO and agree with what I am going to write in praise of the JIO network, then don’t forget to give your thank you note at the below comments section. Give your comment in our facebook page and share this page, so that every Indian can say once thank you to Reliance JIO.  Do share this page.

I did not avail the free JIO network when it was launched; I remember last year when it was launched it gave 2 GB of data for every day of usage, wherever you are and in any state you are, you will be getting the same speed and unstopped network connection.

I still used till the previous month other network service. I had been using the service of Tata Docomo and Airtel for continuous 8 years in Bangalore.  In between I even used Vodafone for some time thinking this network god might become happy and I might get a good uninterrupted network. Last month when I switched to the JIO network, I truly came to know that how badly I was being fooled by the other network to get every single Byte of data.  

I really want to thank, the JIO for giving me uninterrupted network to call any number from any place and at any time of the day.  I say thank you JIO for giving me high speed Internet network even when I am moving in a Train or when I am in my Lift. I wonder why network service like Vodafone, Airtel and Tata Docomo cannot do so for so many years. It is not that they did not charge us for this. Indeed they charged quite more than they should be charging. Still Vodafone charges a very high amount and gives only 3G services for the network.

Vodafone Plans

Red 3GB 3G @ Rs 450 = Get 3GB 3G @ Rs 450 / month for Vodafone RED customers. After 3GB, you will be charged @ 50p/MB. This pack will be renewed every month.
Red 2GB 3G @ Rs 350 = Get 2GB 3G @ Rs 350 / month for Vodafone RED customers. After 3GB, you will be charged @ 50p/MB. This pack will be renewed every month.
1GB RED Individual= 1GB of extra data per month for RED Customers. This Pack helps save money and will be renewed every month. Post allowance, usage is charged at 50p/MB.

20GB 4G/3G @ Rs 999 = Get 20GB 4G/3G @ Rs 999 / month Post the inbuilt quota of 20GB you will be charged at 4p/10KB till a maximum bill cap amount of Rs 500. Once you hit the cap amount you will be able to browse at slow speeds without any additional charges

Check more of Vodafone plans

Tata Docomo Plans:

₹ 127 = Data: 1 GB, 3G, extra @Rs.0.04/10KB, 28 days

₹ 128 = Data: 3 GB, extra @Rs.0.04/10KB, 7 days

₹ 141= 1 GB 3G Data Pack


Airtel has been charging us in the name of best service but looks like it is still far from JIO

Rs 275 = 4GB 4G/3G/2G Data (4G Handset only), 27 days

Rs 245 = 625MB 4G/3G/2G Data, 27 DAYS

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However Reliance JIO has been the major market changer

Reliance Jio's free offer is now going to end in just a few days, and so far no promotional offer has been launched from JIO. Half of the people are worried about what will happen next. However, JIO has launched new plans, but are these plans for the benefit of users?

First of all, let me tell you that four new plans of Geo are launched, which is getting a GB data of approximately 2.27 rupees. Now if seen, it looks a lot cheaper, at least it is to see.

Lets see the JIO plans

  1. Rs 149 plan

This plan is valid for 28 days, purchase of this plan will give 2 GB of data and unlimited call’s to all the operators and many other benefits.

  1. Rs 309 plan

In this offer, users will get 1GB 4G data every day for one month and users will be able to do the next 6 recharge in the same way. This is the best for those who need more data.

  1. Plan for Rs 509...

Plan Rs 509 is similar to Plan 309, but it will get 2GB free data per day. Apart from this, users can continue this recharge till the next 4 recharge. That means once you recharge with 509 plan, you will get the facility to do the next 4 recharge. You can change the plan if you want to change it.

  1. Plan for Rs 999 ...

These recharges will give you 60 GB of data within 2 months. The special thing about this recharge is that there is no daily limit in it. That is, you can use 60 GB of data at any time.

  1. Dhana-Dhan 4999 Recharge ..

If you have not done any recharge before this, then this offer will get 5 months free internet. If it has been done, then this offer will have internet for 3 months of unlimited internet data.

  1. Dhana-Dhan 9999 Recharge ....

If you have not done any recharge before this, then this offer will get 14 months free internet. If you have already done it then you will get 12 months internet after this offer.

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