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China has created the world’s highest bridge, the Beipanjiang Bridge Duge

Chinese engineers have completed the basic structure of what is expected to become the world’s highest bridge. This bridge is in the mountain’s of southwestern China, soars 565 metres (1,854 feet) above a river, the Guizhou.

Beipanjiang Bridge Duge

Dugexiang, Guizhou, China

1854 feet high / 565 meters high

2,362 foot span / 720 meter span 2016

World’s Highest Bridge

The bridge is due to be completed in 2016, the G56 expressway is the last of Guizhou’s great East-West routes that will allow easy access into nearby Yunnan Province across terrain that was previously inaccessible to normal cars and trucks, is near to completetion

This year, 2016 the Beipan will deliver its two biggest high bridge gifts ever in the form of the Beipanjiang Railway Bridge Qinglong - the world’s highest “High-Speed” railway bridge at 295 meters and the colossal Beipanjiang Bridge Duge at 564 meters in height. Other engineering honors Duge can claim include having the second longest steel trussed cable stayed span and the tenth tallest bridge tower in the world at 269 meters.

Until the year 2000, the experience of traveling around Guizhou was a grueling and arduous one that often took days along a dangerous network of older, 2-lane national roads. Despite a land mass slightly smaller then Great Britain or the U.S. state of Washington this outdated infrastructure limited the kind of growth that had been underway in the Eastern Provinces where accessibility had been improving steadily and rapidly since the early 1990s.