Germany, Christmas attack: The German capital, Berlin witnessed a terrorist attack today. 9 people died in the attack and 50 people were injured, as the news is still coming out. According to media reports on Monday in the busy Christmas market, a speeding truck entered the market and the rampage was caused because of this.

As per the local police, they said this event looks like a terrorist attack. Something similar event happened in France this year some time back in the month of July, around 86 people died in that attack when a heavily loaded truck of 19 tones entered into a pared. ISIS had taken the responsibility of the France attack.

Complete News Report:

A 25-tonne lorry charged through a crowded Christmas market in central Berlin last night, killing nine people and injuring at least 50 others ib suspected terrorist attack.

The articulated vehicle with a Polish number plate turned off an adjoining street and tore through the market. Smashing wooden stalls and knocking down festive food and wine shortly after 8 pm.

Witness said that the lorry was travelling at up to 40KMPH before it came to a shop with a loud bang in the far side of the market. Ending up by a Christmas tree in front of the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church.

The driver fled but was arrested by the police. A man in the passenger seat was found dead in the cabin. With police saying that he appeared to have died ‘as a result of the accident”. A young man who saw the incident said “The driver wore a mask”. He got out of the cab and as he ran off he tore off his mask”.

Mike Fox, visiting from Birmingham, said that the lorry had missed him by about three yards as it drove into the market. “it was definitely deliberate, “he said, adding that he helped people who appeared to have broken limbs, and that other people were trapped under the wreckage of the stalls.

Emma Rushton, a Briton on her first trip to Berlin, said that she was drinking mulled wine in the market when the lorry rushed past “at speed” a few feet away. “We heard a really loud bang…. and when we saw the articulated vehicle going through people and through stalls and just pulling everything down. And then everything went dark,” she told Sky News. If she had been a few steps closer, she and her friends would have been caught in the carnage.

“There was lots of screaming there; there were loads of people yelling. The store that we bought pur mulled wine from was completely crushed and there were people tearing off the wooden panels to get the people out,” she said.

The lorry belonged to polish Delivery Company, according to police. The company said that the vechicle had left Poland during the afternoon, heading for Berlin, but that contact with the driver had been lost at 4 PM local time. That led to speciculation that it might have been hijacked. “The suspected driver of the truck has been arrested and is being questioned. We got descriptions of the driver who fled and we arrested a person based on description” Thomas Newuendorf, a police spokesman, said at the scene. “The co-driver appeared to have died as a result of the accident” He declined to comment on the drivers nationality.

Police used Twitter to urge local people to stay in the homes. “There is no indication that there is any more danger n the city,”  Mr. Newendorf said. “We are checking whether it was an accident, a mistake or attack”

The Berlin attack is similiar to the France attack. Looks like another attack by ISIS in the year 2016.

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