9 senators have brought a bill in the US parliament that would give President Donald Trump the authority to impose several ban China.

Washington. US President Donald Trump said on Thursday that in view of the spread of Coronavirus worldwide, the US is considering the option of breaking all ties with China. Trump said this in an interview to Fox Business News, 'There are many things we can do. We can break all relationships. On the other hand, China described the US allegations as frivolous and said that instead of doing all this, attention should be paid to save people from the pandemic spreading in the country.

America has total of 1,457,593 cases reported and 86,912 total death, while 318,027 recovered from the deadly disease.

For the past several weeks, the US president is under pressure to take action against China due to the rising number of cases and deaths in United States. MPs and thinkers say that due to China's inaction, the coronavirus has spread from Wuhan to the world. In response to a question, Trump said he does not want to talk to Chinese President Xi Jinping at the moment. Although he has a good relationship with Jinping. Trump said that China has disappointed him. He also said that the US has repeatedly asked China to allow the international community to visit Wuhan's laboratory to investigate the origin of the coronavirus, but did not accept it.

The US President blames China for spreading the corona. Trump is now preparing to teach China a lesson. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has made a plan to teach China a lesson after discussing with foreign ministers of 6 countries.

At the same time, if such a bill has come in the US Senate and if passed than US can impose many restrictions to China.

9 senators have brought a bill in the US parliament that would give President Donald Trump the authority to impose several ban China. Trump can respond to China if he gets this right.

If the bill is passed, Trump will get the right to ask China to cooperate within 60 days for further investigation on Corona. Trump can seize the assets of his business if China does not support the US in the investigation. They can ban visas, ban travel.

Threatened to break the relationship

Trump said in an interview to Fox Business News, 'There are many things we can do. We can break all relations. 'For the last several weeks, the President is under increasing pressure to take action against China. MPs and thinkers say that due to China's inaction, the coronavirus has spread from Wuhan to the world.

China called America's claim 'false'

China on Thursday dismissed US allegations of attempts to steal Covid-19 research and vaccine material stating them as false. China told America that it will not get rid of this deadly virus by defaming others and making a scapegoat. China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijiang also rejected US National Security Advisor Robert O Brien's statement that five epidemics have occurred in China in the last 20 years. He said that American officials are struggling to deal with the Coronavirus epidemic here, so they are putting all the blame on Beijing.

China opposes petty antics

Zhao said, "China opposes such petty antics." He has given this response to a report by the FBI and the US Home Ministry's Cyber ​​Division. The report warns that hackers supported by the Chinese government may steal the work of researchers to combat the coronavirus, as well as material related to its vaccine making. Zhao said, "If we look at the historical record, America has been carrying out such espionage activities on a large scale." He said that China should be more concerned about cyber attacks than the US because China has made significant strategic achievements in the war against the coronavirus and is at the forefront of the treatment and vaccine research of Kovid-19.

Zhao said that China has firmly clamped down on its type of cyberattacks. He said that spreading the rumors, defaming others, and making a scapegoat will not get rid of the Covid-19 epidemic. US National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien has said that SARS, avian flu, swine flu, and Covid-19 have come from China. On this, Zhao said that American leaders are talking stupid things to discredit others. He said that O'Brien should investigate the facts properly. Zhao said that according to media reports, swine flu started spreading from the US in 2009. He said, 'Pandemics can spread anytime and anywhere. American leaders facing the global epidemic should not fall so far in blaming others. '

China deliberately spread the virus

Senator Thom Tillis criticized the Chinese administration, saying that the Communist government there had maliciously spread the Coronavirus, causing millions of Americans to suffer. This is a country that is imprisoning its own country in detention camps and threatening the sovereignty of our allies.

Seeking compensation from the Chinese government

The plan suggests a ban on the Chinese government for seeking compensation and for lying about the virus. It also states that China should also be banned from its tyrannical human rights record. The plan by MP Tillis also urges the Trump administration to formally request the International Olympic Committee to withdraw the 2020 Winter Olympics from Beijing.

China should be made accountable

Senator said that it is time for America to wake up. My plan would make the Chinese government accountable for lying about the coronavirus. Through this, China will also be banned to protect the health of the American people and to compensate for the damage done to the economy. 

America should increase military cooperation with friendly countries

Under this scenario, a program called Pacific Deterrence Initiative has been called for. In which 20 billion dollars of military equipment will also be funded by the US. Military initiatives with regional allies will be strengthened through this initiative.

Give India the state of the art weapon

In addition, the Senator has also demanded the sale of state-of-the-art military equipment to India, Taiwan, and Vietnam. He also appealed to Japan and South Korea to help with the reconstitution of the army and the deadly military equipment.

Bring back manufacturing companies from china

He also said in his plan that all the American manufacturing companies present in China be brought back to their country. At the same time, the dependence on China for goods should also be eliminated. He said that we also have to stop China from stealing our technology and American companies have to move forward to gain our technological advantage.

All countries should ban China

The senator appealed to the US president, saying he should ask his allies to impose similar restrictions. So that China can be punished for his actions. Together we stop Chinese hackers and strengthen our cybersecurity.

Trump withdraws US pension fund investment from China

US President Donald Trump has confirmed that his administration has asked China to withdraw billions of dollars of US pension fund investment and other similar measures are being considered. China has also been accused of stealing information related to intellectual property and research work. The US President said that billions of dollars,

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