Beijing: India and china relation have worsened, On the statement given by defense minister Arun Jaitley, China has completely blown out of anger, it said it is also different from 1962. There is a constant agitation over the Sikkim border between India and China. After the stiff with China, India has increased the mobilization of the army in Sikkim. The dragon has been irritated by this move of India. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has given a strong reaction to the statement of the Indian Defense Minister in which Arun Jaitley had said that the situation of India is no longer like 1962. On Friday, Defense Minister Arun Jaitley had given a message to China in a warning tone, saying that the 2017 India is quite different from the 1962s.

The tension on the India-China border near Sikkim has been increasing over the past one month. The dispute began when China on June 6 destroyed two bunkers in the Indian Territory with bulldozers. In between the tensions, the Chinese media and its think tank repeatedly made aggressive statements against India. A recent report of the Chinese media said that "if the dispute between India and China is not properly settled, then war between the two countries is possible".

Jaitley's statement came after the threat from China, in which china had said that India should remember the lessons found in 1962. In response to this, Jaitley had also cleared the situation on the Dokalam issue. He said that the road that was being constructed by China on Dokalam was first opposed by the Royal Army of Bhutan on June 16. Two days later, India gave its support to Bhutan's army.

Defense Minister Arun Jaitley reacting to this statement, the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that it is true to a large extent that India has changed a lot in 2017 compared to 1962. But this also applies to China. That too has not been the same as before. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang has also criticized India's statement regarding Bhutan. He said that Bhutan had not known at first that the Indian army had come to Doka La (Dokalam). India is infiltrating the border of China with the help of Bhutan.

The news is coming to the fore especially during a time, when this week that PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping can meet at the G-20 conference in Hamburg, Germany. The conference is being organized on June 7 and 8. According to Chinese Foreign Minister Lee Baodong, during the General Tradition every BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) countries also conduct informal meetings during the G-20 conference. This meeting will also be of the same type.

America will not come in between

The Chinese newspaper "Global Times" has been quoted by experts as saying that "China is committed to upholding the sovereignty of its border." The Chinese newspaper further wrote that "if there is a war between India and China, then there is very little chance that America will intervene directly in it." However, he can sell arms to India and so on. '

China is not even of 1962 it has moved ahead

It is notable that China had earlier said that "India should remember the lessons of the war of 1962." Responding to this statement, Defense Minister Jaitley had said that there is a lot of difference between India of 2017 and that of the year 1962 Responding to Jaitley's statement, Chinese defense expert Wang Dehuya told the Global Times that China is not even 1962.

India believes China to be the biggest opponent

Wang said, "India considers China to be its biggest competitor since 1962. Because there are many similarities between the two countries. For example, both are developing economies, both of which have a large population.

China defies McMahon line too

well there is no dispute between India and China, but China wants to provoke India by dispute unnecessarily. Through the McMahon Line, the British had fixed the border of China and India, but China is not ready to accept it today.

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