Islamabad: Since the killing of Chinese citizens in Pakistan, the tension between the two countries has begun to raise more. Pakistan has announced the strict rules for business and work visas for Chinese citizens. Earlier, at the Shanghai Corporation Organization (SCO) summit held in Kazakhstan's capital, Astana, the dispute between the two countries was found at the time when Chinese President Xi Jinping did not meet Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Not only that, when Nawaz Sharif encountered the Chinese president, the Chinese president ignored him. According to the Pakistani newspaper Dawn, the Chinese citizen will have to submit an invitation to a recognized organization of the Pakistani mission located in China to gain business visas. Interestingly, the Pakistani Interior Ministry has also decided to not extend the long-term visa limit for Chinese citizens. Pakistani Home Minister Nisar Ali Khan said that this step has been taken to ensure the security of Chinese citizens and to remove visa flaws in the country. After a meeting with officials of various ministries on Wednesday, they announced it.

In this regard, Nissar Ali has issued instructions to all the ministries. Pakistan and China have long friendly relations. On the international stage, China has often come to cooperate with Pakistan.

Recently, two Chinese couples were killed in Pakistan, after which there has been a stir between the two countries. Pakistan says that these Chinese nationals had violated visa rules. These couples were reaching Pakistan on visa business and promoting Christianity.

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