US: The court stayed the Trump administration's order banning Tiktok

WASHINGTON: An American judge temporarily stayed President Donald Trump's order to ban the Chinese video-sharing app Tiktok on Sunday night.

According to news agency Reuters, the Trump administration's ban on Tiktok for not being available for download on the Apple and Google Appstore was going to take effect from 12 pm on Sunday night.

Washington-based US District Judge Carl Nicholls said in a brief order that he is issuing an initial injunction preventing the Tiktok App Store ban from taking effect. Their detailed order will be issued on Monday.

However, Judge Nicholls refused to put a restriction on other sanctions being imposed by the US Department of Commerce from November 12. Ticktock says that due to these restrictions, the app will not be usable in the US.

TikTok's lawyer John E. Hall said during a 90-minute debate in court Sunday morning that the ban was irrational.

Recently on Sunday, the question was raised that when the agreement process is going on, how can this App Store ban be implemented from tonight and become useless after the agreement.

He said, 'This is just punitive. It is a way of ruining the company. There is no need for it immediately.

In fact, American officials had expressed concern that personal data of at least 100 million Americans using the app was being given to the Communist Party of China government.

At the same time, Tiktok and ByteDance had alleged in their complaint that these restrictions are being imposed for political reasons. Tiktok also said that these restrictions also violate the company's First Amendment rights.

Let us know that on September 20, Bitedance, the parent company of Tiktok, had entered into an initial agreement with American companies Walmart and Oracle Corp.

Supporting the agreement, Trump said that Tiktok would be owned by a new company, Tiktok Global, and would be headquartered in the US. 

At the same time, Oracle Corp will keep the data of all US users on its cloud safe keeping in mind the US national security.

The deal is yet to be reviewed by the US Government's Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS).

Earlier, on September 18, the US Department of Commerce announced a ban on people in the US from downloading Chinese-owned messaging apps WeChat and Tiktok from September 20, 2020.

However, on September 19, the Commerce Department extended the ban on the two companies by a week to complete the agreement.

At the same time, a judge of Pennsylvania on Saturday rejected the petition of three Tiktok Content Creators seeking a ban on the ban, while a California judge stayed an order banning the Chinese company WeChat App.

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