Pakistan Nonsense Amir Liaqat Video: The Pakistan based Media houses often shows there level of knowledge and dubious Authencity when it comes to India. They are known to speak anything illogically. Often this leads to no meaning and often confuses the users who see them or hear them.

In one of such videos as posted by a Pakistani TV anchor Amir Liaqat strange exposure on Om Puri reason of death Amir Liaqat who is deep busy in proposing a conspiracy theory about the reason of death of Om Puri.


As per this funny Pakistan News anchor, Amir Liaqat, Om Puri was murdered on the behest of Indian Prime Minister Modi and Security Advisor Ajit Doval. He believed that Om Puri, pro Pakistan stance after the URI attack, made him a marked man as far as Doval and Modi were concerned. According to him Puri was murdered not died by Heart Attack.

As per him the next in hit list by Modi are Fawad Khan and Actor Salman Khan.

Om Puri was found dead on Morning of 6th January 2017. A heart attack was the possible cause of the death and Om Puri even got head injury

Police have filed a routine Accidental Death Report as the actor was alone at the time when he passed away.


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