Below audio clip was recorded by Tech Mahindra employee. As per the reports several employees were called on similar basis and one the smart employee recorded it. Here, the Tech Mahindra HR is employees to put down their resignation letter end of day and if they do not do the same then they will be terminated next working day. The decision was taken by higher management and HR says that she has no control over this decision.

Listen to the below audio recorded by employee –

After this news was broadcasted on news channels, Tech Mahindra owners came into action and started regretting for what is happening to the employees.

Even the founder, Anand Mahindra has come ahead and forwarded with apologies - 

Regret messages would not stop such things happening in the IT industry. The employees says in the conversation that he had been billable for last 3 and half years. Billable means that due to him Tech Mahindra would have earned a lot of money. I work for an MNC and if I am billable for even 10 days in a year, then my company can pay my 1 year salary for being billable for 10 days. The rest amount goes to company pocket. So, these companies make huge profit, still there is no loyality benefit to employees. Without thinking for a moment they can fire them. Really sad to hear such news. Employee should be given at least one month, so that he can look for another opportunity.

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