Brazil, Brasilia News: In a worst ever jail violence in the northern state of Amazonas at least 60 people lost their lives when two gangs begun fight over jail control and this number of people died could go up says the jail authorities.

This happened at the northern state of Amazonas, where many of them were even beheaded

The jail riot begun late Sunday when two of the biggest crime gangs and drug rival gang of Brazil began in-fighting inside the prison. Several of the dead had their decapitated bodies thrown over the jail prison wall - and that most of those killed came from single gang.

The inmates made few demands to end the riot, the killing spree organized by members of a local gang against those of another based in Sao Paulo. It is often said that Brazil jails are normally too overcrouded and this lead to daily massacres condition in the Brazil jails.

It is almost like a routine affair in the Brazil jails.

Fontes said that many of the dead had been beheaded and many bodies that were diveided into several parts said Judge Luis Carlos Valois.

The riot began after six headless bodies were tossed over the prison’s walls. The prison capacity is around 460, is believed to house almost 600.

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